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“Who will Roll Away the Stone for Us?” Mk 16: 3

Sr.Louise Madore DW
Congregational Leader

On Easter morning, this Word resounded in the heart of the women, anxious to find Jesus, their Beloved. As soon as the Sabbath was over, eager to express their love by performing the last rites, they bought the spices they needed and ran to anoint the body of the Beloved. But suddenly, on the way, a doubt arose in their hearts, “Who will roll away the stone for us?”

For the four Evangelists, on Easter morning, it is the women who were concerned about a way to roll the immense stone that blocked access to the tomb: “Who will roll away the stone for us?” (Mk 16, 3) and again, those same women were appalled to discover that the stone had been rolled (Lk 24: 2; Mt 28:2) or removed (Jn 20: 1).

I invite you to contemplate this rolled stone…as on the morning of Easter, let us try to discover what it means for us today. What is incredible takes place right before the eyes of these women, first disciples of the Resurrection.

Let us ask these women, witnesses of the Resurrection, to open our eyes to discover beyond mere appearances, through faith, the realities that overwhelm us. They thought that all was over, that the One they loved so much, in whom they had put their hope, their Master, Jesus, was sealed forever in death behind the stone.

And then, the unexpected irrupted as water gushing in the middle of a desert, life burst out of the imprisonment of the tomb, death was rolled by resurrection. In the crucible of the folly of love delivered on the cross, Life cried out “Victory” in the risen Jesus, death no longer has any power over him.

In our hearts, will we let the risen Christ roll the stones that prevent us from letting life burst out and that keep us in the darkness of the tomb? There are many such stones that turn our eyes away from the sprouts of life that are only waiting our love in order to spring forth. Stones of our indifference, anger, fears of those who are different… or stones that enclose us in the past, in a lukewarm religious life, in our individualism… What stone “rolled” by the Resurrection do I wish to see today? 

In a world that often speaks of the fear of the stranger or the migrant and prompts us to withdraw within oneself, focusing on our human development at the expense of the common good and the mission, will we dare to roll the stones that enclose and stifle us?

Wisdom is this liberating force that sends us forth to our sisters and brothers in need, thirsting for authentic relationships, searching for meaning and yearning to be free from all forms of burden that weigh down their lives. (Orientations General Chapter 2012) 

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‘’ A cross is planted in my heart…’’



Sr. Louise Madore DW
Congregational Leader


It is indeed the cross of Pontchâteau that Montfort used as a symbol that was now planted in his heart instead of on the prestigious Calvary where he had dreamed of erecting it!

It is not insignificant that the Montfort family with all their Associates and Friends chose to gather in this place for the closing of the year of the Tercentenary of the death of Father de Montfort. 

 The great project of the Calvary of Pontchâteau, undertaken by Montfort between 1708 and 1709, after multiple missions of evangelization throughout villages and countryside in the Nantes area, came springing up from two deep dimensions that fed his heart: contemplation and mission. 

 Is it not the same requirements that guide the heart of his daughters? Montfort had the genius to erect a tall cross at each place where he completed his mission. Then the people, upon raising their eyes and hearts towards this cross raised in the middle of their village, could always contemplate the loving folly of Wisdom crucified for humanity. The preacher, filled with this love, will never cease to teach by proclaiming the Gospel, by witnessing to his love for the poor and by inviting Christians to recognize this love in the rediscovery of their baptismal call, their dignity as sons and daughters of God. This was the core of all his missions.  


Father de Montfort’s apostolate was consumed by the desire to bring together all categories of men and women to invite them to let themselves be transformed by this folly of the love of God. 


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