Wisdom Relational Justice


Session of Formation

Sr. Jackuline Saratha and Sr. Henriette Razafinindriana, DW

Presently we are 10 “Agents of Development” (Daughters of Wisdom) from different Entities, responsible for working in collaboration with the Development Office of the Congregation. This office was established to enable a fundraising program necessary for the smooth running of the works of the Daughters of Wisdom across the world. These works are in the service of the poorest in our societies. This formation session was held in Rome at the General House, May 23 to 27, 2016.

Sister Isabelle Retailleau, General Councilor, Sister Anne-Marie Beaudoin, Treasurer General, both members of the Development Office and Sister Siobhán Boyle, Directress of this Office, animated the session with competence and dynamism.  

The “Agents of Development” are:

Sr. Marina Cruz Herrera  Colombia / Colombie
Sr. Mageorie Jean-Louis  Haïti /Haiti
Sr. Jakuline Saratha  India / Inde
Sr. Mariam Pushpa Tirkey  Indonesia / Indonésie
Sr. Henriette Razafinindriana  Madagascar
Sr. Emma Nazombe  Malawi
Sr. Rosa Amelia Canicoba Liza  Maria Luisa
Sr. Marie Turner  Papua New Guinea / Papouasie
Sr. Henedina (Gina) Latayada  Philippines
Sr. Valérie Kadiela Kabangele  R.D. Congo/ D.R. Congo


Upon arrival, each one of us had in mind the current projects, those for the future and for urgent needs.

The objective of this formation was to enable the appointed persons to better grasp the mandate entrusted to them in relation with the “Development Office” of the Congregation. As we were aware of our responsibility and wanted to be able to fulfill our mission, we fully entered the proposals and exercises designed to empower us to…

  • Specify our mandate as “Agents of Development”
  • Study in depth the mission of the “Development Office” and the meaning of a “development project”
  • Convincingly and clearly present a project with respect to the works or a need
  • Communicate with each other, with others and with donors to involve them in the realization of the project beyond the donation
  •  Keep in mind the importance of staying in contact with the Directress of this Office and to regularly give her all information necessary to the project’s progress


With these goals in mind, we did not experience the diversity of languages as a barrier to communication. In fact the exercise opened our hearts to the international aspect of our service!

At the end of the session, Sr. Louise Madore, Superior General sent each one of us to our specific mission. We received a special blessing to become really bearer of hope for the poor and agents of communion with those who share the same concern.

Confident and enthusiastic, we went back to our Entities, strengthened in our mission for development in a world where poor and rich rub shoulders.

Thank you to the Committee of the Development Office, Sr. Siobhán, Sr. Isabelle and Sr. Anne-Marie who prepared and moderated this interesting session. Thank you to the General Council that offered it for the good of the Congregation and its mission. 



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