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IN INDONESIA : A Branch in the Vineyard

Soeur Louise Madore WD Congregational Leader

Great joy for the Daughters of Wisdom! They celebrated the perpetual commitment of the first two Indonesian Daughters of Wisdom, Sr. Avilia Inur and Sr. Mary Suryati.   It was November 30, 2017!

Let us recall that in 2003, the Daughters of Wisdom celebrated their tercentenary of foundation. In this same year, November 12, a few missionaries, two Canadian Sisters, one Indian Sister and one from Madagascar founded the first community of the Daughters of Wisdom on Indonesian soil. Thanks to these missionaries and those who followed, the vineyard continues to grow. 

The Congregation is deeply grateful to the Montfort Missionaries who from the beginning, welcomed the Daughters of Wisdom with them, allowing them to take root on this new land.

At present in Indonesia, there are three Indian Sisters, one Malagasy, two Indonesian Sisters of perpetual vows, six of temporary vows, one novice, seven pre-novices and twelve aspirants.

A group of Friends of Wisdom is also vibrant. These people want to drink at the source of Wisdom spirituality and to collaborate in the mission of the Daughters of Wisdom. 

May Montfort and Marie-Louise continue to bless the vine that they have planted and pray Wisdom to make it bear fruit!

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Sr. Mariam Pushpa Tirkey, DW

The Congregation of the Daughters of Wisdom, in the Diocese of Ruteng, on the island of Flores, Indonesia, have many reasons to rejoice. Both religious celebrations and concrete works of progress are a source of collective expressions of joy.

All the Sisters were present on February 2, 2017, a day of joy, celebration and sharing. It included a double blessing, with the feast of the Presentation of the Lord in the Temple, and as Daughters of Wisdom, the anniversary of the Foundation of our Congregation, on February 2, 1703, in Poitiers, France. The day began with the holy Eucharistic in the Parish Church, St. Montfort, Poco. Indeed it was beautiful and memorable as we shared this joy with our benefactors and well-wishers, the representatives from the Montfortian priests, and the Village Leaders of Poco and Welong. The students from our two kindergarten, their parents and a group from the parish, namely Cenai, were present. This group is composed of families where one member entered either a seminary or a religious community. 

It was the day of exploration of the talents and creativity of our little stars from the two Kindergarten namely “Bintang Kejora” (Morning Star), Poco, with 31 students and “Marie Louise,” Welong, with 71 students. This great moment of joy, laughter and fun was very significant. The two kindergarten management and teaching staffs organized various events. The children were very excited and participated with enthusiasm in all the activities, such as, coloring, spoon race, free dance, free speech, eating fried snacks with hands tied at the back…etc.
Our young women presently in the first year of the “Come and See” program, were given the opportunity to enhance the significance of this day by performing a short skit. They enacted the vocation of Blessed Marie Louise receiving her religious habit and her mission to care for sick, poor and wounded humanity.


Other news
Six students from STKIP, University Students from Ruteng came in our Kindergarten Bintang Kejora, Poco for the week of March 12-18. Since they are studying to be the kindergarten teachers, this learning experience is an integral part of their studies. They came to observe and participate in the programs. March 17, 2017, the Nurses from the Medical Department with some Village Leaders visited our Kindergarten as part of their health program to the villagers. During the two hour lesson, they taught the children how to wash their hands, brush their teeth, and other basic skills. The children were excited to learn. 

The people of Poco and Welong celebrated in the Church on February 2 but they are also aware of the moving evolution of education and health works. The benefits incurred for future generations are immense and can already be observed in their children. Our faith sees the actions of Wisdom who constantly renews Creation, the works of Her hands.   

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