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Aina Village, Madagascar: Unity is Strength

Sr. Florence DW

The new Aina (LIFE) Village team adopted the principle, “Unity is strength” to instill new life to this already tested place. Once again, Madagascar was hit by a tropical cyclone, AVA, which razed the eastern part of the island, January 5, 2018. Several works of the Daughters of Wisdom suffered its repercussions, including the Aina village, a place of cooperation offering multiple services for the peasants: among others, plants, cultivation techniques for reforestation, and a school canteen. More than 200 children with hungry bellies eat their fill. So everyone pitched in and here is the result!

Our Priority : growth

Widening our tent in order to offer greater opportunity to welcome all kinds of people…Without borders! Thanks to the construction of a new building.  

School Canteen

Since climate change in our country now affects both the rainy and dry seasons, the main income of small-crop farmers suffers. Many families eat only once a day!

Our 200 vulnerable children

Our vulnerable children still eat at the canteen. They are also seen by the ophthalmologist while Lions Club Benefactors offer free glasses. The system of sponsorship provides free medical visits to the children. School children continue to eat Koba of nutri-zaza, three times a week. (Nutri-zaza, a social enterprise for a complementary diet)


Sponsorship has allowed 115 children to come to school this year with their school supplies. This sponsorship give support to the parents and encourage children to study seriously.

Sewing workshop

  • 8 young motivated mothers and 4 young adults are presently being trained in cutting and sewing.
  • 4 young adults followed a refresher course before their professional launching.

Aiming to become autonomous, the sewing workshop will begin taking charge of the Madagascar Wisdom School uniforms.

Community Self-promotion

Climate change forces people to exercise small-scale breeding to mitigate the effects of bad weather.

In August 2017, we distributed bean seeds as compensation for the losses endured by farmers who have access to water points.

Despite the drop in essential oil prices we intensified the maintenance of the ravintsara (essential oil) whose leaves are meant for sale and for protection of the environment. For the current needs, we updated natural products of medicinal plants: MISINDA and Hydrolat of Ravintsara for organic treatment offered to everyone.


Two heifers were born in December but we lost a sick cow. We still sell milk, eggs and several kilos of rabbit meat. With these products we paid the workers and the food for the animals. Our problem is always the lack of water: an important obstacle for the supply of fodder as well as the herbs that need watering.


Of the 6 literacy participants, 4 adults can now read, write and count. During mass, at the peasants’ feast, everyone attended the release of the last promotion. Then, we experienced the blessing ceremony of the six new recruits.

We thank all our benefactors. Their support allows us to operate and continue the mission of the Aina-Village for the needy around us.

On behalf of the Aina-Village Team Benasandratra

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