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Transmitting a charisma


Why are You here?.....

This is right, you are here because you know the Daughters of Wisdom, you have been designated or chosen …. But more deeply, you are here because of Wisdom’s invitation. While telling you this, the question that Louis Marie asked Marie Louise rises from my heart. I can imagine her feelings when he told her that it was Mary, it was in fact Mary but through her sister’s mediation. Knowing that my presence here is due to several mediations but that it is Wisdom who invites me, waits for me, is in need of me for Her wonderful Friends’ project, all this may help me in acquiring a discerning  heart ready to listen, and in search of Wisdom’s suave callings. Surely, She (Wisdom) will murmur these in the light breeze of our sharings, our exchanges and periods of prayer…

I shall not go through the various stages of your history rooted in three centuries of experience, but I will have you note that in your concrete history, there exists no common general structure for the Friends (program, organization, definition….). There is no institutional framework. On the other hand, there is experience, a community of life: bonds are woven, missions are shared. There is also a common spiritual sensitiveness, a particular portrait of Christ in the making… Would this diversity and flexibility count as structuring elements of your identity as « Friends of Wisdom »?  This being the case, how can these be preserved while building the international corps of the «Friends»?

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Transmitting a charisma
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