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Desneiges Giroux, DW

In Madagascar, joy burst in many hearts! Young women made a commitment in the Congregation of the Daughters of Wisdom. Important commitments in life need to be taken gradually, usually by stages. So it is for religious life. Steps are necessary to ensure that this vocation is understood. Moreover, a process of initiation and practice brings the candidate to better grasp the seriousness of her commitment to God.

First Profession
On Sunday, September 8 in the chapel of the community, an important ceremony took place. After a two year period of formation at the international novitiate in France, three Malagasy novices made their first profession for one year. They are Gisèle, Félicité and Viviane. Joy overflowed.

During the celebration and in line with the Malagasy tradition, the novices received their families’ blessing before making their commitment in the Congregation of the Daughters of Wisdom. During mass, traditional dances and music, Malagasy and French songs expressed the assembly’s jubilation.

The song “TO GIVE EVERYTHING” clearly said it all:

“To give everything in order to follow You,
        To discover deep in our hearts
        Reasons to hope and to live
        To discover happiness with You.”


During the meal that followed, communities of  Daughters of Wisdom came forth to express their joy with songs in Malagasy, French and even English. A touch of internationality!

Apostolic experience for the novices
On September 10, five novices arrived from the international novitiate in Clamart, France in order to begin a prolonged apostolic and community experience. Five communities of Sisters in Madagascar were getting ready to welcome these generous young women in formation. They will offer them a mission and sisterly accompaniment during this period. 

Perpetual Profession

On September 14, the Sisters prepared for perpetual profession asked their families’ blessing before their final step in the Congregation. Sr. Alphonsine, Féline and Nitah shared their vocation and formation story with the assembly. What a moving account of religious life! Happy and radiant, they were ready to take the final and permanent step in the Congregation.

The following day was the Great day. Peaceful and radiant all three Sisters professed to always walk in the footsteps of Christ Wisdom and of our Holy Founders, in the company of Mary. Sr. Jacqueline, General Councilor, received the vows of the three Sisters, in the name of Sr. Louise Madore, Superior General. The celebration continued with a banquet and rhythmic traditional songs and dances.

On those days, the assembly lived great moments of joy. Upon witnessing these Sisters giving their lives to God, we turned our eyes towards the future of the country and of the Church. These lives will be at the service of the people, especially the poorest. An example of courage and hope for the future!

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