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The Launching of a New General Council !

Elvira, Henriette, Diane, Anne-Marie, jacqueline and Louise

On May 20, 2008, during a Eucharistic celebration presided by the Father General, Sr. Diane Capozzi was welcomed into our new General Council.

With the recent arrival of Sr. Anne-Marie Beaudoin, our Treasurer General, the General Council takes on a new beginning!

During the celebration, the members pledged to live the vision they chose for their mandate:

The Vision of the General Council 2006-2012

Wisdom has built herself a house,
She has erected her seven pillars,
She has slaughtered her beasts, prepared her wine,
She has laid her table.
She has sent out her maidservants
And she proclaimed from the city’s heights:
‘Who is ignorant? Let him step this way’
To the fool she says,
‘Come and eat my bread, drink my wine I have prepared!

(Proverbs 9, 1-5)


Let us rekindle the flame of the beginnings in an invitation to share the table of Wisdom without exclusion.

Let us, like Blessed Marie-Louise, weave a cloth of tenderness and compassion for the crucified people of today.

Let us keep our heart vigilant in a constant dialogue with the world, our mission’s privileged sphere of compassion.

Let us proclaim at the crossroads the alternative values of the Kingdom of God:
- Justice in all our relations, as a way of life among us and with the others.
- Welcoming the cultural differences as a treasure offered.


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The Launching of a New General Council !
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