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An Extended Family (Part 2)

By way of homily, the celebrant invited them to voice their prayers.
With a disarming simplicity they asked, thanked and prayed wholeheartedly most of the time in an inaudible and incoherent jargon that only God could understand. Prayers and intentions teemed, the microphone passed and the name of each one was pronounced with moving tenderness and patience. The simple at heart were present. It was the revelation to the little ones for which Jesus had given thanks to the Father. 

Afterwards, more than 200 people were assembled around tables for the banquet. Partners, friends, lay fellow-workers, employees and the people involved at all levels manifested their commitment and attachment to the Daughters of Wisdom and their Services. Sr. Jean Quinn, Provincial, expressed the deep appreciation of the Daughters of Wisdom for the collaborators, parents and friends without which these services would not have been possible. Later in the afternoon, everyone was invited to an Irish party of dance and music with the persons with disabilities. Violins, accordions, guitars and harps made their strings dance and carried the crowd along in a frenzy of joyful folly.

No one can return home without feeling in the depth of their heart the tenderness of God for each person, not in spite of their own handicaps, but because of them. The love expressed towards these wounded people wrapped in so much attention, manifests the tenderness of Wisdom who reveals herself to her children. A truly unparalleled Centenary, filled with the joy of the simple hearted. Thank you GBI !

Lise Le Riche DW

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